Credit Card Terminal

A Credit Card Terminal or (EDC) electronic data capturing device, is used at the point of sale. This device enables merchants to accept credit card payments, and process them as well. The merchant fees are withdrawn along with the purchase … Continue reading


You should know that MSP is short for MasterCard Service Provider. It is something that companies need to have to be able to resell MasterCard Credit Card Processing using their company’s name. You can find the registered and approved MSPs … Continue reading


Companies need to have an Independent Sales Organization designation if they wish to sell credit card processing services through Visa. Companies that are designated an ISO company are often listed by Visa on their ISO list so that consumers can … Continue reading

Transaction Fee

Processing fees and merchant rates are terms used in sales and retail stores. The term transaction fees are defined as fees a merchant pays each time a credit card is swiped. Customers may or may not be charged a fee, … Continue reading

Discount Rate

Businesses that accept credit card and debit card payments rely on a processing bank to get their funds. Depending on the type of transaction, the product or business activity and volume, base fees range from around 1% to as much … Continue reading

Monthly Minimum Fee

All merchants are charged a monthly minimum fee by their merchant account providers. The fees for each merchant vary, depending on several underlying factors. Merchants have to maintain a certain volume of transaction per month, in order to maintain a … Continue reading


A chargeback occurs when a customer argues a charge that was made with their credit card by the credit card provider. Customers will almost always dispute a charge if they do not recognize the cash amount or the business who … Continue reading