Non-Qualified Rate

The Non-Qualified Rate is the most expensive of the fees charged in merchant service three-tier pricing schedules, the other two being “Qualified” and “Mid-Qualified”. Whether a credit card processing company prefers to call it a “Non-Qualified Downgrade Fee, “Non-Qualified Transaction Fee” or just plain “Non-Qual, it’s actually a surcharge, levied on specific type of cards, transactions, or merchant errors. What it means for the merchant is that he’s actually being charged two fees: the base fee (the “Qualified” rate) plus an average of 1.5% to 2.5% for the Non-Qualified Rate.

Certain of the transactions that will trigger the Non-Qualified Rate are specific such as processing a foreign card, a corporate card, or a card that accumulates reward points. Additionally, some merchant servicers use “Non-Qual” as a catch basin tier for cards that could not be identified properly during the processing of the transaction. Typing in a credit card number rather than swiping the card can also qualify for the higher rate, as can failure to close out a batch at the end of the day.

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