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Retail and merchant businesses online and off known AffiniPay pretty well. This is the company that many of them turn to for their credit and debit card processing needs. Since 2005, AffiniPay has provided full service payment processing to these types of businesses as well as to businesses in the legal field.

There are no contracts and no start up fees to work with AffiniPay according to its website. This means that customers who need payment processing services at any time have access to them right when they need them. There really is no need to wait around.

Since 2010 the Better Business Bureau has accredited this company and has been tracking their performance with customers. They do this by keeping tabs on the number of customer complaints that they receive about the company. In the last 3 years there have been zero complaints filed against this company, and that has resulted in it receiving a grade of an “A” from the BBB. The only thing that was cited by the BBB was that the company has not been under its watch for a very long time. However, there were no customer complaints filed with any other customer protection websites either during the same period of time.

AffiniPay ISO is a registered ISO/MSP of BMO Harris Bank, N.A., Chicago, IL.