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Year Established: 1995. However, according to the BBB the company was established in 2003.

BBB Membership: No

BBB Complaints: 1

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 1

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APS Merchant Services, Inc., provides electronic payment processing as a third party go between for merchants and customers. This function establishes the link between a merchant, a customer, and his financing bank that actually pays for a purchase. Services provided cover transactions via the Internet, retail, mail order, and other payment formats. The company services multiple industries in terms of payment processing and handles both credit card and debit card processing. They also manage check verification, leasing, financing, and gift cards. APS has also been known to operate under the names euroConex and Nova Corporation as well.

The company’s headquarters are located in Danville, CA, and it has a registered MSP via the US Bank Minneapolis, MN.

BBB Complaints

APS Merchant Services is not showing any complaints. This is likely because the company uses a partnership with Elavon to manage its customer service and support. That in turn likely shelters the company from direct affiliation with complaints. Elavon itself has 268 complaints filed and closed against its service, but still maintains and A plus rating with the BBB despite that record. Roughly half of the complaints were associated with billing issues, and half were associated with the actual services provided that Elavon was the contact company for with the affected customers.

That said, the absence of any direct complaints would likely be interpreted as a good sign that APS maintains a fairly good level of customer service delivery. However, while APS used to have a BBB rating, it has given up on maintaining the review and the status no longer exists.

Only one complaint was lodged on record against APS Merchant Services and that was closed according to the BBB.