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Internet based companies need to know about Banc Certified Merchant Services. This is a key provider of payment processing solutions for online companies. All businesses that operate online need to be able to accept payments from their customers online. There would be no other way to receive money otherwise. As such, they all need to be able to accept those payments via some sort of payment processor. Since 1996, Banc Certified Merchant Services has been one of those providers that they can rely on.

Since 2002, the Better Business Bureau has had this business has an accredited member of its organization. This means that the Bureau monitors the customer service that clients of this company receive. They do this by taking official complaint reports from customers and storing them in their data base of information. Doing things this way allows them to give the company an official rating. Currently, the rating for BCMS is “A+” based on their handling of the nine complaints that have come in. The company has either fully resolved each complaint or at least made a good faith effort to do so. This means that they are not going to have any points taken from them in the Bureau’s book.

Other customer protection websites have not even seen any complaints on this company, and that is another reason why they have been able to maintain their perfect “A+” rating.