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This payment processing company has been in business since 1987 and provides electronic check processing services to its customers. Two complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against Bancard Payment Systems since it became a BBB member on 07/01/01. The most recent complaint, filed 03/08/12 was about the company’s products or services. According to the BBB, Bancard Payment Systems resolved the issue with either the customer confirming the resolution, or the customer did not respond to questions about whether the issue was satisfactorily resolved. The complaint was recorded as resolved and closed. The second complaint pertained to the company’s advertising/sales. Filed 10/12/12,the BBB deemed that Bancard Systems did make a good effort to resolve the issue, but the complainant maintains that the resolution was not satisfactory. The BBB points out in this type of designation that the customer may have declined mediation offers by Bancard Payment Systems.

Company’s Better Business Bureau rating at the time of this review’s publication was an A+.

The vast majority of customers are happy with Bancard Payment Systems, which appears to be open and honest in its advertising practices and does an excellent job when it comes to communication with customers about the contract terms and conditions. The company employs a customer service staff and a quick study of customer satisfaction shows staff members answer questions and assist customers with their needs. The fact that there are no complaints about the company outside of the two at BBB in more than 25 years of business speaks highly of the company’s ethics and standard of care for their customers. At the time of publication the company did not have a dedicated live support phone line, however, the fact that there are no complaints filed anywhere online regarding their live support, they are doing a great job.