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BBB Rating

Founded in 2003, Banctek Solutions is a merchant services provider that has specialized in helping retail businesses, restaurants, and Internet businesses. It has a wide reach so that all business owners have the opportunity to do business with them if they so choose. The company offers the equipment and services that are required for the processing of credit and debit card transactions. It also offers these things for other things involved with the acceptance of customer electronic funds. ATM machines, POS systems, electronic checks, and more. It is all good with Banctek Solutions.

Since 2010 Banctek Solutions has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, and it currently enjoys a rating of “A+” with that agency. That is a very impressive accomplishment that most businesses are not able to honestly claim. There have been a total of five complaints that have been registered with the Bureau, and three of those have been fully resolved. The other two had good faith efforts put into them, but the customers were still left unsatisfied.

There have been two other complaints that other customer protection websites have taken on this company. They were both in regards to something known as PCI compliance fee. A representative offered help to both of those who had issued the complaints, and even left his personal contact information for them in order to help get their problem resolved. This kind of customer service is not something that goes unnoticed by the BBB, and it is why the Bureau has given the company a rating of “A+”.