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Large and small business owners alike known of BankCard Central. This is the company that has been providing many of them with the payment solutions that they need to accept electronic transactions. The company specifically offers credit processing as well as the processing of checks and an Ecommerce service through its “VerePay” system.

This Kansas City based service has opened a file to be a part of the Better Business Bureau or BBB but does not seem to have been accredited as of yet. Currently the company is still able to maintain a rating of “A+” with the BBB despite not being accredited with them. It has only had one complaint filed with the BBB in three years, and that is a closed case. In that case, it seems that BankCard Central really did try to make an effort to resolve whatever issue existed, but the customer was still dissatisfied.

Other customer protection websites that track customer complaints have had none filed against BankCard Central in three years. This is another contributing factor it the company’s ability to maintain such a high rating with the BBB.

BankCard Central is a registered ISO/MSP of Merrick Bank, South Jordan, UT.