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Year Established: 2007

BBB Membership: Yes, since 2008

BBB Complaints: 3

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 3

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Bluefin Payment Services operates as a credit card payment processer, managing transactions between credit card holders making purchases and companies, both retail and commercial, receiving payments for goods or services provided. The company specializes on online payment tools as well as provides standard services in credit card and debit card processing.

Bluefin also manages business lines associated with managing credit card plans, automatic payment management or recurring billing, monitoring merchant services and client compliance, electronic ACH transfers, and equipment leasing and purchasing via financing.

The company also enjoys control of a popular proprietary system, PayConex. The system gives customers a gateway tool, which they can use for free when hiring Bluefin for payment processing.

Bluefin has a registered MSP/ISO under a foreign bank, Deutsche Bank AG, which operates field offices out of New York. The company also shares registration rights under Wells Fargo Bank as well. The company’s listed BBB address is in Melville, NY. However, Bluefin is actually headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It has also operated under the business name Capital Payments prior to 2012.

Bluefin Payment Systems as a company in its current form and name has three complaints on file which have all been closed. One was with advertising issues, and the other two were associated with the services provided to the affected customers. In the two issues with service, the BBB concluded that Bluefin made a good faith attempt in both cases to resolve the matter, but the customers were not willing to agree to the solutions offered.

Additionally, there was one other complaint reported by another site regarding unauthorized fees being charged under the company’s prior name, Capital Payments. Because it’s a dated issue, the matter is not included in Bluefin’s latest BBB rating score calculation.