A overall rating

Capital Payments, LLC (capitalpayments.com) is a credit processing company founded in Melville, NY, in 2007. Capital Payments offers a variety of credit processing services as well as equipment, including virtual terminals, POS systems, tabletop terminals and online payment gateways, to businesses of all sizes. Headquartered at 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 720 Atlanta, GA 30338, Capital Payments also has offices located in both New York and Chicago. The company is growing as well, acquiring Applied Merchant Systems in the latter part of 2009.

Currently, Capital Payments LLC shows two Better Business Bureau (BBB) listings. One BBB listing is for the office located in New York. This office has an “A” rating and had just three complaints against it in the prior 36 months. Of those complaints, two were based on issues around products and services, and one complaint was regarding an advertising or sales problem. One of the three complaints was resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant, and while the other two remain unresolved, the BBB states that Capital Payments has used good faith in an attempt to resolve those.

The second BBB profile is a little more unclear. This profile lists the Georgia headquarters address for the company, but identifies the company as “PayQuake and Capital Payments, LLC.” This second report rates the company with a “C” and lists just one complaint having been filed. That single complaint was regarding billing and collection, and its resolution was not satisfactory to merchant. In addition, this second BBB profile does not appear to be complete, as it incorrectly classifies the business type of Capital Payments.

At the time of this review, one other complaint against Capital Payments exists which has been filed outside of BBB. A merchant filed a complaint with regard to a hold placed on a sale he processed, which resulted in the merchant paying fees despite having had to reverse the transaction. This merchant later modified its complaint to note that Capital Payments had agreed to resolve this issue, and refund all fees.