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Merchant companies seem to come and go by the day, so it is difficult for a new one to crop up and establish any kind of respect from a whimsy customer base that expects little long-term. Card Concepts Merchant Services is a new company that is not accredited to the Better Business Bureau. Where at first this seems suspicious, its history is refined and still waiting to be formidably established as good- or bad.

A billing/collection issue was apparently raised at the company, which set a small red flag for those seeking its legitimacy. But the complaint was formally resolved and factored only marginally into the company’s overall rating of an A-. But the score is based off little information, and only time can tell if Card Concepts Merchant Services can sustain its perceived quality in the next three years.

Cary paymentOptions.com chronicles various merchant services, and they detail some rather modest attributes about the company. For one,

The companies BBB history began in 2010, and the company itself was established in 2009. The company does have its cards lined up right, registering both as an ISO and MSP of HSBC Bank USA.

The company does closely relate to Global Payments, and sells very similar products. Contractually, this is a flag that the contract terms and actual details could derive from Global Payments. Unfortunately, Global Payments props up all over RipOff Report. One consumer remarks that the company was deceptive and continued adding fees and charges he had no indication of, adding up to roughly $1000 in what was deemed ‘regular rate fees.’

Information pertaining to the original company is rather slim, which speaks of its age or perhaps a more sinister plot of its failure to deliver. The company only managed to gather about 400 likes on Facebook, reflecting its smaller size. Companies with a minimal track record are often ‘prototype’ companies- carbon copies of another fledgling scam-like idea. The information here leads that though this is unlikely due to its online legitimacy and proper filing and presence, it may be staggering in growth simply due to the nature of the economy. On another final note, Card Concepts may actually outsource their customer complaint department to the much larger Global Payments. This would obviously result in Card Concepts lack of a significant presence.