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Cardaccept.com is a merchant who has been operating in the credit card world for well over a decade and appears to have stayed afloat doing so. According to their company website they provide tools for secure, real-time, online and off-line credit card authorizations. They have helped both online and traditional businesses in the United States accept credit cards since 1993. Cardaccept.com sets businesses up with the ability to accept credit cards without the need to worry about contracts, termination fees or any other fees associated with application, set-up, customer service or services on their terminals. Businesses all over the United States have been using CardAceept.com for years. They are also owned by Pipeline Data, Inc. which is a well-known albeit average company in this market.

However, Cardaccept.com seems to not respond to the complaints through BBB, making their rating a dismal F grade. At one point it was a B minus, according to MerchantMaverick.com, who attributes this to the main reason they have such a low rating. There are a total of 9 bad reviews over the course of three years, according to RipOffReport.com. That said, the review also states that they should have more bad complaints considering how much business they do and how long they have been around, which also says something about their business practices—many of their customers don’t have any problems.

Many of the complaints that have occurred in regards to Cardaccept.com center around contracts that are offered to the merchants in the first place and them signing the contracts without reading or fully understanding what they are signing. This results in unpleasant situations in the future and causes a number of Cardaccept.com customers to become disgruntled and have complaints. It appears that Cardaccept.com does it’s job for many merchants out there and there is never a problem. However, when there is, the problem is usually not fixed very quickly, or at least not to a number of customer’s satisfactions. All merchants should keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to use Cardaccept.com and to also read their contracts very carefully before they sign up, so that there are no surprises once they are a customer.