C overall rating

Cardworks Servicing is a merchant account provider that is located within the United States and primarily deals with clients in the United States. Credit/debit card procesesing, EBT, electronic gift card, and online transaction processing are just a few of the things that this company can say that they deal with. Also, the company provides POS systems to help traditional store owners to also accept credit and debit card transactions from their customers.

Cardworks has been around since 1986 but is still not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There is too much of a lack of information for the Bureau to accept this company as an accredited member. So far, the Bureau has received 43 complaints against the company with the bulk of those (37) coming in the area of billing and collection. The Bureau shows that 33 of those complaints have been fully resolved and 9 of the remaining 10 were situations in which Cardworks made good faith efforts to resolve the problem but simply left the customer unhappy. The remaining one complaint was one that the BBB was simply unable to locate.

There has been one other complaint made against the company on another customer protection website. In this complaint, the individual says that he or she was charged over $1,200 by the company despite having no relationship with the company. There has been no rebuttal offered by Cardworks at this time.