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BBB Rating

A provider of merchant accounts to small and medium sized businesses, Dynamic Payment Solutions is known for providing debit and credit card processing along with electronic check solutions and the processing of gift cards. All of those things that businesses have to somehow process are generally under the umbrella of the things that this company provides to their customers.

Dynamic Payment Solutions is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau but it does maintain a record of “B-” with that agency. There have been two complaints filed with the BBB regarding DPS. Both of those complaints are in regards to billing issues. One of them was fully resolved with the help of the BBB while the other was not. However, the BBB believes that the company did make an effort to resolve the issue. The fact that it was not resolved was unfortunate, but the BBB does not believe that this is a reason to penalize the company.

The main reason why this company received a low rating with the BBB was because of its short history. There is simply not enough information to know if this is a company that is going to face a lot of complaints in the future or if those complaints are going to start to level off with time. Since this is the case, the BBB currently holds a “B-” rating on the company.