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Year Established: 1996

BBB Membership: No

BBB Complaints: 1

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 1

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Established in 1996, Eagle Merchant Services, Inc., is a purveyor of credit card merchant services, such as processing for credit and debit cards. The company is located at 301 East Church Street in Sandwich, Illinois, zip code 60548, and can be phoned toll-free at 800-255-0898 or locally at 815-498-6361. Eagle Merchant Services is a registered Independent Sales Organization, ISO, and a MasterCard Service Provider, MSP, through Member Bank Synovus Bank of Columbus, Georgia.

Though they have taken no steps to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company enjoys an A+ rating from the bureau, which cites its twenty-five years of continuous operation and almost complete lack of complaints in the past three years as the primary reasons for this determination. Other contributing factors are the fact that Eagle Merchant Services does not hide its information, making it easy for the BBB to draw all it needs to make an informed decision. In fact, were one to dig deeper into Better Business Bureau’s records for Eagle Merchant Services, the single complaint lodged within the last three years is not even a complete entry, effectively making Eagle Merchant Service’s record spotless. A search of other authoritative business ratings systems yielded similar results.

This lack of any blemishes on its record suggests Eagle Merchant Services, Inc. is both trustworthy and prompt, which lends great credibility to the claim that their rate of client loyalty is one of the very highest in the United States. Not seeing any need for social networking with a reputation like that, Eagle Merchant Services has a stub Facebook page that appears to have been created by Facebook itself as part of a blanket data creation initiative. This explains why the address is incorrect, but the positioning on the local area map is correct; Facebook simply used the wrong street at the particular East Church intersection when creating the record. Those who wish to contact Eagle Merchant Services should not do so through Facebook or other social media unless it actually looks like the company made the page.