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Electronic Cash Systems is a company that specializes in offering merchant payment solutions to a wide range of businesses. The company is part of the U.S. Alliance Group and is based in Foothill Ranch, California.

At present Electronic Cash Systems is listed on the Better Business Bureau but is not accredited by said organization. The company’s current rating is not listed but its 2012 grade was B minus. This was due in large part to the nearly 30 outstanding complaints this company received at the time.

Almost half of the complaints were resolved but fifteen customers noted that they were unhappy with Electronic Cash System’s response. Even so, the BBB notes that Electronic Cash Systems made a reasonable effort to resolve each of the complaints submitted to the BBB website. As of August 2013, Electronic Cash System has only one complaint listed against it.

It should also be noted that the Business Consumer Alliance reports that Electronic Cash Systems has received 34 complaints against it over the last three years. In 26 of these cases, the company provided a full or partial refund or adjusted the terms of service to meet the client’s needs. However, the other cases have still not been addressed to the customer’s satisfaction, as Electronic Cash Systems feels that the original terms of agreement were met and the complaints are unjustified.

Interestingly enough, it is next to impossible to find either positive or negative customer reviews about this particular company on well known review sites such as Yelp and Ripoff Report. The only complaint about this company is made from a salesperson who is clearly unhappy with how Electronic Cash Systems handles its sales staff.

Electronic Cash Systems specializes in creating and delivering new, affordable, easy to use payment products for large, medium sized and small companies. ECS has been in business for some time and has clients not only in California but also throughout the United States. While it has been criticized by a number of customers, Electronic Cash Systems is quick to address complaints and attempt to resolve them. Even so, the fact that it is difficult to find customer reviews about a company as large and seemingly well known as ECS is a cause for concern, as is the fact that the head office does not have a Facebook listing. Given this unusual lack of information about this business enterprise, those who want to do business with Electronic Cash Systems should proceed with caution.