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Elite Payment Processing provides merchant services to a variety of businesses, which includes traditional brick-and-mortar clients and web-based businesses. It was established in 2007, and bases its practices on a customers-first policy.

While the company is a registered ISO-MSP of Wells Fargo Corp., Elite Payment Processing is not an accredited agency of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It does, however, sustain a short complaint sheet, having only one registered complaint with the BBB, over its six years in business. Although the complainant maintained that the issue was unresolved, the BBB reports that Elite Payment Processing addressed the complaint in earnest. Details on the specifics of the case are not readily available.

Why an (A) and not an (A+)

While not having been registered with the BBB, as of the time of this review, Elite Payment Processing maintains an (A) rating, on a scale of (A+) to (F), highest to lowest, respectively. As stated, the bureau’s rating standards of “length time in business” keep Elite Payment Processing at an (A) and not an (A+). Length of time in business is also the reason that BBB gives for not registering a given company. Also, keep in mind that businesses are not required to apply for accreditation with the BBB. There are no records of a pending application for registration from the BBB.

Factors That Have Boosted the Company’s BBB Rating

Elite Payment Processing has not had any complaints in the past three years. Neither has the business closed any complaints in the past 12 months. Perhaps due in part to its short time in business, the company hasn’t endured any of the following issues:

  • Advertising or sales
  • Billing or collections
  • Problems with products or services
  • Delivery and eCommerce
  • Guarantee or Warranty

The Elite Payment Processing BBB file has been open since December of 2009. There are no complaints listed on any of the other main consumer reporting sites. To have such good ratings in the payment processing industry is a stand-out quality. However, thorough watch is kept continually, in order to monitor growth, innovative leadership as well as instances of mistreatment by the company.

Post Excerpt

While Elite Payment Processing LLC, a thoroughly-watched PPS, consistently maintains a high services rating with the BBB.