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The U.S. based EVO Merchant Services, a non-bank electronic processing service, began over 20 years ago as a small independent sales organization (also known as an ISO) that sells services for processing Visa credit cards. It is now one of the larger merchant account service companies in the nation.

In addition to other services, EVO provides the following services:

Debit card payments
Credit card payments
Electronic benefits transfers (EBTs)
Wireless payments
Electronic and internet buying and selling
Gift cards
Loyalty cards
Customer disputed charges (chargebacks)
Renting with purchasing option (terminal leasing)

EVO Merchant Services, which is registered as an independent sales organization (ISO) and MasterCard Services Provider (MSP), has its main location in Long Island, New York. Other U.S. locations exist as well. Also, EVO provides services to merchants in Canada as well as the United States.

EVO Merchant Services Marketing and Sales Strategies

The approaches that this company uses for marketing and sales include the following:

1. Independent sales agents
2. Independent sales organizations

These sales and marketing actions commonly serve as part of a company’s marketing plan for promoting business; yet, these also serve to increase the risk of compliants from merchants. In EVO’s case specifically, these methods limit EVO’s control in pricing and contract conditions.

Even though EVO does not employ deceiving advertisements or misleading price quotes, using independent entities for sales leads to a lack of control in assuring EVO’s specific terms and conditions are followed.

EVO Merchant Services Complaints and Better Business Bureau Reports

Approximately 100 filed complaints against EVO Merchant Services exist; these complaints resulted from one of the following:

1. EVO holding merchants’ deposits
2. EVO withdrawing cash from merchants’ accounts
3. EVO using deceptive sales strategies for leasing equipment to merchants
4. Former EVO employee and agent complaints
5. EVO customer service processes for resolving issues

There are 63 filed reports over the past three years with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Out of these 63 complaints filed, 50 were resolved successfully with both parties satisfied with the outcomes. The remaining complaints were not settled to the customers’ satisfaction, though, it is noted that EVO extended efforts to meet the merchants’ needs as much as possible.

The overall assessment of EVO led to high ratings by the BBB.

EVO Merchant Services Contract Terms, Early Termination and Costs

Contract terms, early termination conditions and costs for services fluctuate. These variations exist for different businesses and they depend on the following factors:

Sub-independent sales organizations
Payment processing volume of merchants
Type of merchant business
Service length agreements

Merchants have reported that problems arise with equipment leasing terms that cannot be cancelled and early termination fees applied when canceling services. Also, different fees for early cancellations have been reported; these fees vary with the lowest at $250 and the highest reported at $500. Also, a yearly fee of more than $100 is charged to merchants to cover an annual payment card industry compliance cost.

EVO Merchant Services Ratings and Updates

EVO Merchant Services is able to increase its ratings by improving its policies. This will avoid merchant complaints in the future. Also, merchants are advised to review the terms and conditions of an EVO Merchant Services contract; this will ensure complete understanding and acceptance before finalizing an agreement. Since terms are specific to sub-independent service organizations (sub-ISO) arranging the account, this is an important step for merchants. It is also suggested that merchants do not lease equipment from EVO Merchant Services since this is the most frequent cause of complaints filed against this company.