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GoPayment is owned by Intuit, and it is a mobile credit card processing service provider.  When using the service, businesses are able to provide customers with the ability to purchase products and/or services via credit cards on Apple or Android devices.

While some people may say that GoPayment is expensive to use, when compared to other credit card processing providers, GoPayment is just a bit above the fee schedule of what other companies offer.  That leaves us with the question of “is there any reason to choose GoPayment?”  Based on some of the reviews, the answer is yes. There are two things about the GoPayment credit card processing service that makes it worth choosing over service providers, which includes cheaper processing fees than banks and excellent customer service.

Sales and Marketing Tactics

Oddly enough, when one takes a look at the marketing strategy used by GoPayment, as well as the web design, it is clear to see that it is similar to Square, another credit card processing service provider.  When one looks over the pricing fee schedule of GoPayment, it would appear at first glance that the company is very transparent about what it will charge.  Upon further experience with the company, however, businesses will notice that they end up getting charged with two fees that they were not informed of beforehand.  These two fees include a PCI Compliance fee and a ‘Non-Qualified’ Transaction fee.  Technically, these unknown fees are listed on the company’s website, but to see them, one would have to veer far away from the pricing breakdown section that the company shows on its site.

Customer Service

GoPayment’s customer service is raved as being great.  Even if the service is ordered just a week before it is needed, GoPayment can set a business up with everything it will need to start accepting mobile payments.  Some businesses even claim that they are able to save money using GoPayment because the credit card processing fees they were paying to their banks were far more expensive than the fees associated with GoPayment.

BBB Complaints

One of the best things about the Better Business Bureau is that consumers and businesses can turn to it to identify any problems that other people have had with a certain company.  Unfortunately with GoPayment, though, since it’s owned by Intuit, it doesn’t have its own profile.  Intuit, however, was established with the BBB in November of 2010, and it has a total of 1,672 closed complaints.  Intuit is BBB accredited, meaning the BBB believes Intuit to be a company that makes “a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.”