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Merchant Express LLC, which is also called Merchant Accounts Express, was absorbed by TransFirst. Although it was absorbed by TransFirst, the company still has a rating by the Better Business Bureau and details about complaints that were issued regarding the services of the company.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Merchant Express LLC was established in 1998 and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 1999. According to the BBB website, the company had an A+ rating on a scale of A+ to F due to the low number of complaints filed with the BBB compared to the number of years that the company was providing credit card processing services.

The response to complaints also factors into the rating and all of the complaints were resolved in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of clients.

The BBB has a total of 18 complaints against the company. The primary complaint was related to products and services, such as delays when a refund was promised or challenges with billing. All of the client complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website were resolved within a timely manner.

Complaints About Fees

Since the company was absorbed into TransFirst, complaints about the company are not necessarily the same as the original complaints associated with Merchant Express. Complaints on ScamBook.com suggest that the company does not thoroughly explain or disclose the details of different plans, resulting in unexpected charges.

The complaint on ScamBook.com states that the company offered a trial period at a lower cost. When the customer signed up for the trial period, the expected charge was 2.2 percent. The actual fees were 2.5 percent and the trial period was overlooked by the company. When the customer closed the account, a $495 surcharge was withdrawn from the bank account because the trial period was not applied to the account.

Complaints about TransFirst, which is the company that absorbed Merchant Express, are primarily related to products and services or advertising on the BBB website. The BBB rates the company A+ overall, but complaints suggest that certain charges are not mentioned in the contract or are not clearly defined.

Overall Services

Overall, Merchant Express is a reputable company that attempts to solve problems as soon as complaints are issued. The company has room for improvement with regards to full disclosure and clear terminology in the contract, but the BBB still rates the company high because it has few complaints when compared to the length of time it has been in business and most complaints are resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Since it has been absorbed by TransFirst, Merchant Express has the same complaints and problems that are associated with TransFirst. The reputation is good overall, but complaints have been reported by customers.