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BBB Rating

Company Overview

Oracle Payment Processing, also known as “ZeerPay” was established in September of 1992. Located in El Paso, Texas, this credit card processing company works with both online business and traditional retail outlets. Their point-of-sale brands include Hypercom, Verifone, Nurit and Ingenico. For mobile processing, they work with RoamPay and Apriva Bluetooth Printers. Because ZeerPay also offers services in internet and over-the-phone processing for credit and debit cards, they could be considered a pretty well-rounded payment processing company.

Sales & Marketing Tactics

There are no specific claims attached to the sales and marketing reports on this service. With their work in supplying processing equipment and software, as well as transaction processing, they reach both aspects of the business. By both setting-up, and processing credit card transactions their business strategies seem to be to follow market trends. They have quickly become up-to-date in the latest modes of credit card processing by working with mobile processing apps like RoamPay and Apriva Bluetooth Printers. It seems their sales and marketing tactics may be to stay up-to-speed with the latest technologies in payment processing.

Complaints & Service

Reviews on Oracle Payment Processing, or ZeerPay, show two filed complaints related to products and service. These complaints can bring down a payment processing company’s overall rating if not resolved, but the ZeerPay BBB Business Review facts sheet shows the resolve of both filed cases. This leads right into the overall BBB rating.

BBB Rating | A+

While ZeerPay (or Oracle P.P.) is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), their BBB facts page shows an A+ rating. This rating is based off of the number customer complaints filed and resolved, the length of time the card processing service has been in operation, and the amount of valid background information that can be found on the company.

Bottom Line

ZeerPay, formerly known as Oracle Payment Processing has a high overall review. While they are not an accredited BBB member, there is no evidence to show if they have ever applied to become a registered member.