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Company Overview

Preferred Card Services has been providing comprehensive payment processing services for merchants since 1986. The company is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The core industries that they serve include bike, health, pet, pottery, tennis and various sports organizations. Despite the fact that they are veterans in the industry, the Preferred Card Services has adapted to the ever-changing payment processing technologies and offers the latest mobile processing solutions such as Google Wallet. These services are offered in addition to traditional credit card processing and gift card services.

Sales and Marketing Tactics | A

It appears that at one time there was a credit card company with a similar name that was using aggressive telemarketing techniques that was confused with Preferred Card Services. The two companies were not affiliated in any way, however. As far as this reviewer can tell, the company does not use any deceptive sales or advertising tactics.

Costs and Contract Terms |A

Based on the company’s website, it appears that the company is doing what it can to reduce costs for its customers. For starters, they offer a low price guarantee on all of their equipment. Like many other merchant service providers, Preferred Card Services uses ISOs. This means that the contracts are often negotiated and the exact rates and terms may be different depending on the aggressiveness of the salesperson. While the exact fee schedule is not listed on their website, Preferred Card Services does offer AmEx One-Point which can lower the overall cost to merchants who accept American Express credit cards.

Complaints and Service | A

A search for customer reviews did not return any complaints, only positive reviews of the level of personal service that the company provides.

BBB Report | A+

Preferred Card Services has met the qualification standards to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company has been a member of BBB since April 2013. During that time the company has not received any complaints and has achieved an A+ rating.

Bottom Line

Preferred Card Services has an impeccable record when it comes to customer service. The length of time in the industry—more than 25 years—is a testament to the integrity of the company. The company lacks transparency when it comes to fees, but this is true of most companies that use ISOs. Be sure to read contracts carefully and don’t be afraid to negotiate if you come across any minimum fees, termination fees or other costs that you feel are not warranted.