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Propay is based in Lehi, UT, and has been in business since 1997. It has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2000, and has an A+ rating. Since becoming a member, it has received a total of 37 complaints, and all of them have been closed.  ProPay maintains a Facebook page where it posts contests and the latest news about its products.

ProPay Reviews

Reviews of ProPay are mixed. Some users find that the company as a whole is responsive to their needs and offers no-hassle merchant accounts, especially as a PayPal alternative. The company focuses on resolving complaints in order to keep their merchants satisfied, if not happy. Other users were unhappy as they found that their accounts were frozen and could not withdraw money. Some complaints revolved around non-refundable fees, with the user demanding a refund of fees and being denied by ProPay.

ProPay Complaints

ProPay complaints include many various issues, but the main concern merchants have had is ProPay freezing accounts and preventing merchants from withdrawing funds. A common theme that seemed to occur repeatedly is a merchant would sell an item to a customer, receive the money into the ProPay account, then find the account was frozen with no warning. It was deemed that a majority of these merchants were selling items considered to be high risk by ProPay, and that funds were frozen in case of a chargeback being initiated by the buyer.

Another common complaint includes demands for non-refundable fees, but that issue is on the merchant to read the TOS provided by ProPay. Some complained about having to fund their merchant account for three months in order to cover potential chargebacks. The latter issue is understandable as the merchant does not want to lose control of their money for three months to cover a chargeback.

Is ProPay a Scam?

No, ProPay is not a scam by any means. It has been in business for 17 years, and has provided countless merchant accounts without incident to date. ProPay has firm ties to eBay, and is one of the few processors approved for use on eBay, and is considered to be an alternative to PayPal. A merchant can feel comfortable using it as a credit card processor, provided it reads through the terms of service and understands what its obligations are.