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Merchants needed a way to accept credit card payments on their websites and in 2010, Stripe.com came into being to make this happen. The company created a web application that would make it possible for website developers to be able to create an application that would cater to the specific needs of each individual merchant. The service that Stripe.com provides can be compared to Braintree Payment Solutions but Stripe.com offers its services without charging any fees to set up the account or continuing monthly fees. Their competitor Paypal has been so enthusiastic about these services that it has agreed to fund this venture.

Of course, merchants will have to pay for the services but these charges are very simple to understand. No matter what type of card their customers are using, Stripe.com will only charge a 2.9 percent fee plus 30 cents. If the transaction cannot be completed or the merchant must offer a refund, the company does not charge the merchant a fee. One time when a fee will be charged is if there is a chargeback, and this will cost the merchant $15.

One of the negatives associated with this company is the fact that it does not have a number for merchants to call if they ever need help. Clients can ask questions if they go to the company’s website and visit the help section. They can post a question in the forum, and they also have the option of sending an email to support. It appears that not having a telephone number does not bother the customers because they have not complained about it so far.