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Year Established: 1953

BBB Membership: Yes (Since 2010)

BBB Complaints: 62

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 62

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Very many customers applaud their sales reps, because of their knowledge and friendliness. Additionally their statements are considered as easy to read and understand. The company has also been described as having a very responsive manager, who is always at hand to respond to the customers complaints. The satisfied customers also rate the company’s diversity in terms of services offered.Interestingly most of the complaints are about a $250 early cancellation fee, but mostly it is because the customers failure to read the fine print. Customers have a three year contract that is automatically renewed, you are bound by the contract for the entire three year duration and an attempt to cancel the contract attracts the fee. Very many other customers are complaining about how difficult it is to get out of a contract with them, mostly because of a requirement that they have to write a notice 30 days in advance. They also have a number of complaints on their customer service. The customers claim that although their customer service is responsive, they rarely have any answers and they often refer you to a sales rep that is rarely present.

While others complain about the merchant’s slow pace of execution. One consumer complained about how the merchant took two years to process credit cards and months to close an account after a request. Others accuse them of charging an additional fee for PCI compliance even when you don’t fall under that category. Some complaints are about their lack of security features on their website, this might be because they only collect basic information, but it is still necessary to protect the privacy of the users.

For a company their size it is surprising that they have very few complaints online. Additionally 80% of the complaints are about billing problems only, which could be easily avoided. They have a great BBB rating while most of the complaints are resolved. On rare occasions they have been accused of having a poor customer service and slow response to requests.