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Year Established: 2006

BBB Membership: 2012

BBB Complaints: 7

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 7

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Valued Merchant Services provides a variety of businesses with guaranteed low processing rates and fees, local agents, payment solutions, point-of-sale technology, 24/7/365 technical support and customer service, among other related services. The company is know for creating customized payment solutions for merchants. With a 99% merchant-approval rate, most client accounts are approved within 1-2 business days. Valued Merchant Services provides nationwide electronic payment processing services for all sizes and types of businesses. This group includes corporations, LLC’s, non-profits, municipalities and governments. The company has grown since its inception in 2006 due to their history of dedicated service to clients and end users. They also include education for new products and services to create the best solution for merchants.

Consumer protection websites show that Valued Merchant Services has no complaints that accuse them of being a rip-off or a scam. This absence of complaints suggests that Valued Merchant Services has a responsive and available customer service department, but they may also have some of their customer service provided by an alternate source. Companies like Valued Merchant Services often subcontract out some or all of their routine customer service jobs.

The company uses telemarketing and sales representatives to advertise. Even though these techniques are may elevate the level of complaints, Valued Merchant Services does not seem to have excessive issues with them. When they do get complaints, Valued Merchant Services responds professionally to them.

The Better Business Bureau shows only a total of seven complaints during the last three years related to telemarketing or customer service, however they have six positive reviews as well. The A+ rating and low level of complaints shows the reliability and responsiveness of this company to customer service and tech support issues.

By taking all of these factors in to consideration, Valued Merchant Services is shown to be an above average merchant-account provider with an excellent business history. Clients of Valued Merchant Services can expect average contract terms and better-than-average customer service and technical support. If a merchant decides to work with Valued Merchant Services, they should have a good experience with the products and services including the payment processing equipment that they install.