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In a day and age where most people pay with plastic as opposed to paper money, it is necessary for merchants large and small to choose the right credit card processing company. Most companies claim that they are the fastest processing, have the lowest processing rates, and that they are the best company for you without actually explaining why. VeracityPayment Solutions manages over 12,000 businesses nationwide and has been in business since early 2000. They have won multiple awards and their executives are the best of the best. Veracity Payment Solutions has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2008, has an A+ rating, and has had only one complaint with the Better Buisness Bureau in the last three years.

Key Features of Veracity

Veracity Payment Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies of its type and is head quartered in Atlanta, Georigia. As a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Banking, users can be sure that this company knows what it is doing. Some of the most intriguing features about Veracity Payment Solutions are their dedication to price transparency, Secure Card Vault, Payment Gateway, and the Virtual POS tool. Each tool has various benefits all their own. Starting with price transparency, Veracity Payment Solutions understands the importance of price transparency for both the merchant and the processing company. This helps merchants using the company to save their customer’s data without worrying about the information being stolen or compromised. Though many companies offer this feature, the secure card vault by Veracity Payment Solutions is sure to be the incredibly secure and safe.

The payment gateway allows merchants to use state of the art, affordable, and easy to use web technology to both take and process payments. This means that users are sure to have a much easier time working with their payments and that they are sure not to spend all their money trying to find usable web tech. Lastly, the virtual POS tool allows users to turn their computer into a virtual all in one payment center. This means eliminating difficult and obnoxious processors, technology, and more. This also means that users can simplify their process to insure that they get the best processing capabilities possible without having to purchase multiple tools and processors.

Overall Impressions

Veracity Payment Solutions is a Better Business Bureau accredited company. Overall this company is fantastic for those that are both new to credit card processing services and those that have had dealings with some of the largest companies out there. This fast growing company is eager to please and bring everything they can to their customers. With the right product highlights, the right processing company and package, and information anyone can become a professional at choosing which company is right for them and their personal needs. Taking the time to learn a thing or two about any company prior to signing up is the best way to insure that users are getting the services that hey not only need but that they also want to make their process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Veracity Payment Solutions offers free quotes for new customers to determine the right pricing for the services they need.