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Vision Payment Solutions is a credit card payment processing firm founded in 2003 with an experienced management team and a wide range of product offerings. The company focuses on merchant accounts and serves firms from corner convenience stores to five-star restaurants. VPS boast of covering every form of electronic funds payments and funds transfers, from credit cards to gift cards to checks.

Vision Payment Solutions shows membership with the Better Business Bureau since March 16, 2006. The firm carries an A+ rating showing only one complaint, which was successfully resolved. Only one negative review is listed and, considering the company’s detailed response, was a situation in which a new customer apparently shares part of the responsibility. It appears VPS made a significant effort to deal with the situation in a positive manner.

There is one report concerning Vision Payment Solutions listed on Rip Off Report, from 2009. Apparently one customer had funds held due to a suspicion of fraud on the charge. VPS did not respond to the complaint, and no other information was provided.

The popular industry website Merchant Maverick provides Vision Payment Solutions with a four-star ranking out of a possible five as of April, 2010. The provided review indicates the company is a respected ISO/MSP with multiple channels for customer interaction, including multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook. The company has experienced substantial growth since this initial review.

In fact, the reviewer commented at the time that the only reason for not awarding a fifth star was a lack of testimonials on the company’s website. While no testimonials are listed, the company now provides links to social media sites. For example, its Facebook page indicates 63 likes. A total of 26 employees are connected at LinkedIn.

One detailed complaint is listed on Pissedconsumer. It appears this is another case of credit card chargebacks being a source of difficulty and misunderstanding. The one thing that stands out in the complaint is the allegation that VPS management did not communicate effectively or quickly. The complainant blames VPS for its failure due to holding out a large amount of funds to cover a sudden rise in chargebacks and cancellations. No response from the company to this situation, occurring in 2102, was available online. However, various comments to the complaint seem to indicate the blame may be misdirected towards the ISO.

No other positive or negative online reviews, testimonials or complaints of Vision Payment Solutions were identified.

The Vision Payment Solutions website provides a number of useful FAQs and other information about the company and its offerings. It lists associations with the BBB, Portland Regional Chamber, Trustware, Compliance Solutions and Resources, and the ETA.