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Wise Payment Services of Fishers, Indiana was established locally on November 1, 1998 before incorporating a little more than four years later on March 2, 2001. Within just a year, on March 20, 2002, the firm was accepted into the ranks of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership under the category of credit card and plans equipment services.

Better Business Bureau Rating…

The gold standard of business ratings is found in the comprehensive ranking system that isolates all the relevant factors that have a bearing on a company’s reputation. Wise Payment Services has been awarded an impressive A+ rating based on an analysis of 16 pertinent factors. Among the many factors taken into consideration, the BBB measures the length of time a company has been in business and the volume of complaints that have been lodged against them. Finally, the BBB examines the complaint resolution procedures of the company before documenting how well they resolve problems. With an A+ ranking to their credit, Wise Payment Services have seemingly distinguished themselves as a reputable firm to conduct business with.

Towards that end, the BBB has ascertained that Wise Payment Services meets all BBB accreditation standards, which comprise a solid commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve customer complaints.

Documented BBB Complaints…

Entering into its thirteen year of membership with the BBB, Wise Payment Services has received half dozen complaints over the years that have been lodged with the consumer watchdog agency. The complaints, which were all closed satisfactorily according to BBB records, include four complaints involving billing or collection issues while another two complaints relate to problems with products or services.

As noted, the complaint resolution process of the company was largely laudatory leading to the A+ ranking.

Elsewhere on the Web…

While the BBB is the gold standard when it comes to venting anger against a corporate entity, it is hardly the only place for consumers to voice their displeasure, and a host of online sites exist to facilitate that exchange. From ripoffreport.com to pissedconsumer.com to Yelp, there are various venues with which to complain about a company’s reputation. As regards Wise Payment Services reputation however; it remains largely unscathed throughout the internet.

A search of the above-named websites yielded no complaints against the company with the exception of a single hit found on Indianapolis’s City Search in which Ronald12 complained of shady salesman who continuously attempted to alter the terms of the lease. Beyond this singular complaint, to all outward appearances Wise Payment Services seems to be a safe outfit to work with.