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Although fairly recently accredited by BBB (3/25/2010), World Payment Services, Inc.has an A+ rating. In the past three years, the company has recorded only two closed billing and collection issues. The company began operations in 1998, creating their first BBB file in 1999.

Still a smaller company, with only four reported employees, it has five positive factors that helped earn their BBB rating. Their timely response and resolution of the two recorded complaints, along with their low volume of complaints, helped World Payment Services, Inc. earn their high BBB rating.

BBB reports no government actions or advertising complaints for the business. Although the company has been operating as an independent sales organization (ISO) since 1998, it was not incorporated until May 2008.


Reviews from trusted sites beyond the BBB are non-existant. This is a positive result, as are the lack of complaints. The World Payment Services, Inc. website does publish customer testimonials, which include the merchant’s name and, in some cases, their business name, also.


Popular website RipoffReport.com reports no complaints, scams, lawsuits or frauds reported for World Payment Services, Inc. The Better Business Bureau reports only two complaints in the past three years. There are no reviews, positive or negative, on Yelp.com either.

The one complaint of consequence recorded by the BBB was resolved quickly and to the customer’s benefit. The customer complained that it was charged the World Payment Services early cancellation fee of $295, but stated the independent salesperson never spoke about an early contract cancellation fee. While this is a normal merchant services fee, it is less than that charged by some merchant services firms. However, the World Payment Services CEO immediately refunded the charge to the customer, even though World Payment Services, Inc. had the contractual right to charge and keep the fee.

World Payment Services is an independent sales organization (ISO) for Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and First Data, a large credit card processor, servicing over 4 million merchant locations worldwide. The company appears to deliver on its promise of low processing rates and quality customer service. The lack of passionate customer complaints on the leading complaint and scam websites indicate World Payment Services may outperform some other merchant services companies, many of which that use First Data as their direct processor.

Its public commitment to full disclosure appears to be real, as displayed by its negligible complaint volume. The lack of negative comments in this industry often translates to delivery of “as promised” performance, as merchants typically freely complain about merchant service entities that increase fees, hold funds or terminate contracts with little (in the customer’s opinion) cause.