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Year Established: 1989

BBB Membership: Yes (Since 2010)

BBB Complaints: 245

Number of BBB Complaints Resolved: 245

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WorldPay is a direct payment processor that has more than 500,000 clients in 40 countries. It offers a range of services, including online, mail order and in-person payment processing.

According to online reviews and complaints, WorldPay is effective as a payment processor, however, is not consistently transparent about contract details and variable monthly charges. It automatically enrolls all client merchants in a three-year contract and renews automatically 90 days before the contract end date and charges a $495 early termination penalty. Other variable charges have complicated the cost structure for many clients that complained on the Better Business Bureau and consumer review websites. Customer service complains was an additional area of concern, however, the number of BBB complains totaled only 245 in three years since the company registered, and its client base is nearly half a million, which indicates many clients may be satisfied.

Some clients indicated that the sales associates presented the contract and fee terms incorrectly or withheld information about the contract term and charges that would have prevented the client from enrolling.

Customer service received several negative reviews by clients who were attempting to end a contract early and circumvent the contract termination fee, which was not allowed in most cases. Some clients discussed hiring a lawyer to initiate legal action to re-compensate for inaccurate monthly charges.

Additional negative comments related to deceptive agent sales practices, poor customer support, high compliance fees and fund holds. Many of the complaints appear to have originated with small to medium sized business clients.

The company was founded in 1989 as Streamline and has since changed hands several times, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, and now operates from Atlanta, Georgia. It has a strong presence in global business and corporate sectors.