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Xenex Merchant Services (also known as Xenex Inc.) has been in electronic payment processing business since 1993. Despite over 20 years of operation, Xenex only acquired BBB accreditation in 2011. You have to ask yourself why a business of this size wait for so many years to get a BBB rating? Unfortunately, no information is available online to address these specific concerns.

Xenex Merchant Services has earned an A+ rating by BBB. They are quick to address consumer complaints and with only 7 complaints listed with the BBB they have a fairly low volume of issues. Out of 7 complaints against Xenex Merchant Services, 6 have been effectively resolved. There is still an open issue when it comes to “Advertising & Sales” related problems in 2010. Most of these types of complaints in our experience come from people who feel like they were sold something other than what was provided.

Ripoff Report has two reported cases where there are accusations of inappropriate selling practices by the company’s agent. One of these complaints says that Xenex representative called Ryan Anderson convinced a merchant to lease a new credit card machine when the service contract started. It was implied that the lease for new machine will be of the same duration as the service contract (3 years). Instead, it turned out to be of 5 years and now the merchant is facing issues ending the lease with Logical Lease. In a response to this claim, Xenex said this is merely an attempt by the competition to put a bad word out for Xenex. Another complaint lodged by Anthony Vigil who claimed that promised flat rates and 4-year machine contract did not reflect in his credit card statement. He was instead charged “penalty fees” over processing charges with no apparent reason. Replying to this, Xenex mentioned that their records show no customer named Anthony Vigil and tagged this as an attempt by the competition to slander Xenex.

The complaints that have no response from Xenex Inc. have been made specifically against the founder and CEO of the company, Winston Sylvestor. Both complaints have been put forward by the alleged “ex”-sales representatives who reported that the company does not fairly compensate for the efforts & commission of the sales reps. Hence, motivating them to quit Xenex and join a competitor. So far, no additional complaints have been made against Xenex Merchant Services over different platforms.