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BBB Rating

Company Overview

Occent Merchant Services is a merchant services provider with many different service offerings. Since the company founding between 2003 and 2004, they have also come to be known by the company name of ExpiTrans, Inc. Occent or ExpiTrans Inc. has more recently been working out of the greater Los Angeles area. Their range of merchant services includes card processing for major debit and credit cards. Occent has also found a niche as a provider and processer of gift cards, customer loyalty cards, and “B2B” or business to business cards. They offer services to clients including retail businesses, e-commerce, restaurants, phone orders, and mail orders. Their point of sell terminals and other processing equipment also add to the variety of services and products currently available through ExpiTrans Inc.

Better Business Bureau Report | A-

Since 2007, Occent Merchant Services has been a registered member of the Better Business Bureau or BBB. As they have more recently been come to be known as ExpiTrans Inc., the BBB does not have a current letter grade review for the company. However, in the past Occent has received A- ratings for various causes. With several past complaints addressed and others left unresolved, their past rating could go both ways.

Complaints & Service

In a three year time period, Occent had a total of 5 registered customer complaints. 4 of the 5 complaints were filed as issues with the products or services offered by the company, while the remaining complaint was considered a sales and advertising complaint. 2 of the 5 have been resolved with the BBB’s help, leaving three untouched. Currently, no new complaints have been filed.

Bottom Line

In summary, Occent Merchant Services, now commonly referred to as ExpiTrans Inc., has many services, products, and software to offer their customers. While their BBB rating page is not currently up-to-date, there have been positive reviews in the past, giving them an overall A- rating.