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The BBB reports that the Trans Tech Merchant Group aka Certified Payment Processing, LP, has earned a rating of F, on their scale which includes ratings of A+ to F. Of the BBB’s 16 factors they use to generate a rating, Trans Tech failed at least three.

In the last three years, Trans Tech Merchant Group (actually Certified Payment Processing) has over 300 complaints reported to the BBB. In the past 12 months, BBB receive over 100 complaints from consumers.

Over the past 36 months, 35 complaints (just over 10 percent of the total) were not resolved. Of the 300+ complaints, BBB puts six in the “serious” category.

Operating under multiple trade names (Trans Tech Merchant Group, TMG, Summit Merchant Solutions, ISIS Direct and Ceres National), Certified Payment Processing, LP, has had some documented problems building a “satisfied” customer base. The BBB site reports zero positive factors improving the company’s rating, only the negative effect of the 300+ complaints, which lower their rating.


Other reviews produced no more positive results than the BBB published rating level. For example, MerchantMaverick.com gives Trans Tech Merchant Group two stars (out of five). This site also references the Trans Tech connection with Summit Merchant Solutions and Certified Payment Processing, LP, but not in a positive light.

This site and numerous complaints noted that early termination fees are high ($495), three-year agreements with automatic renewal clauses and contracts that include an annual $125 fee for PCI Compliance, which is a charge imposed on card processors for maintaining top security measures to protect information. However, critics believe these PCI Compliance fees charged to processors are not intended to be passed through to merchants. In this case, some experts complain that PCI Compliance Fees to processors are often “marked up” by sales organizations and called different names, such as “Security” or “Regulatory” Fees.


Along with the high fees noted by former users, there are other complaints of lease agreements that, over their 48- to 60-month term, cost merchants as much as $5,000 to $6,000 for terminal hardware that they could have bought for $200 to $300.

The Ripoff Report lists 29 complaint reports, through April 5, 2013, from dissatisfied merchants, some of whom used the terms “scam” and “liars” in their allegations of misdeeds. PissedConsumer.com also has a number of similar complaints for Trans Tech Merchant Group.

Potential customers should verify all sales promises and review all documents requiring signatures. The classic rule, “get it in writing,” appears to apply to sales promises and oral guarantees, according to the recorded complaints, including the negative comments from former sales representatives.